• Spreadsheet – Convert RDA% for vitamins and minerals to mg

    One of the things that my body has started to tell me is that I need to spend some time making a course correction. While nothing majorly worrisome has come out of any physical, I know I’m not in great shape. One thing I have not done in quite some time determines how my nutrition intake is compared to my needs.

    Of course, instead of using one of many high-quality and totally capable apps or websites, I’m home-growing a solution to tracking my health. I’ll write more about that in a different post because this is about the calculation I wanted.

    Labels on products are super frustrating. The percentages based on a 2000-calorie diet are fine if you want to do some math if you’re aiming for a 2,500-calorie diet or a 1,750 one. I just want to know how many mg or μg of each nutrient so that I can track my approximate actuals.

    So, here’s a spreadsheet that will do the conversions between recommended daily allowance and micrograms or milligrams. Just put the percent of a vitamin or mineral’s RDA in the first column and the math will be done to show the milligram or microgram recommendation for males, and females, and average male/female allowance. Just make a copy of this file for your own use.

    Screencapture of the spreadsheet which converts RDA for vitamins and minerals to mg