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Sarah Palin as a member of the Alaskan Independence Party

The news and political blogs are buzzing about Sarah Palin’s former membership in the Alaskan Independence Party.  The goal of the AIP is for the citizens of Alaska to have a vote to see if Alaska should become a state.  Liberal blogs are calling her membership in the party unpartiotic and saying she was a member of a sepratist organization.  Let me show you something from the Alaska voter registration form.  Imagine filling out this form as a young person.

Voter registration form in Alaska

We’re all a little bit savvy about US politics.  We know there are two major parties and that everyone else seems to be called “Independent” by the media.  So as you go down the checklist you see Democrat, Republican, Libertarian… ah! Independent!  That’s me!  Take a look at the number of Alaskans registered in the parties in 2006

  • Democrats 66,218
  • Libertarian 9,382
  • Republicans 111,526
  • Alaskan Independence 13,542
  • Green 3,712
  • Republican Moderate 5,168
  • Veterans Party 1,478
  • Independent 243,319

That’s right – more “Independent” voters in Alaska than all the other parties combined.  But “independent” in this tally is actually those that checked “nonpartisan” or “undeclared” on their form.  I am certain that many new voters accidentally register for the Alaskan Independence Party thinking they are saying they are an independent.  When they read their first election booklet then they get their first glimpse of the platform that the “independent” candidate has.

Happened to me.

Sarah Palin as Vice President

McCain has selected Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  This is pretty exciting.  Three years ago she was mayor of a town of under 10,000 people.  She was appointed to a position by previous Governor Frank Murkowski (who when elected as governor appointed his daughter to his Senate seat.)  But she resigned siting ethics issues in the state administration.  Not long after the FBI is raiding state sentator’s offices and has a case against Stevens.  The US House of Representatives is investigating Representative Young right now too.  She ran for governor against an incumbent and won.  She has a proven track record of reducing government – a claim that republicans support but seem to rarely follow through with.

Sarah Palin and the Vikings and Valkyries of Petersburg, Alaska
Sarah Palin and the Vikings and Valkyries of Petersburg, Alaska

I think that she will draw a significant number of Clinton’s rabid supporters.  Any that support Hillary because of her gender will be drawn to Palin.  If McCain is elected she would be the first female Vice President.  Vice Presidents that later run for President almost always end up with the party nomination (*cough* Quayle *cough*) so it isn’t impossible to imagine Palin as President in 2017.  She would still be more than 20 years younger than McCain is right now.  In fact, McCain is old enough that it is possible that Palin might end up President without having to even run. For the women voting for women she’s a win.

Realistically, most voters are not thinking about the vice presidental canidates as future presidents.  They might just look at her and vote because there would be a pretty face in Washington.  Palin was in Vogue magazine.  I heard someone that attended a union meeting that Palin spoke at during her run for governor that he overheard a number of peers that said “she’s hot, i’m voting for her.”  So for the men voting with out too much thought she’s a win.

She’s also really a pretty good governor.  I posted before that i thought Palin is a good Republican.  She falls in party lines for the most part but also seems willling to follow the law as decided by the other two branches of government.  Her position on gay rights is an excellent example.  She reduced taxes in Wasilla.  Read her lips!  She sold the jet that Murkowski bought despite legislative efforts to stop the purchase and just flies on Alaska Airlines like the rest of us.  So for those voting purely on ability and ethics and not party affiliation she’s a win.

McCain just sealed the deal with Alaska.  We’re no longer a swing state.  Obama may as well move their 5 offices out and put those people where they might have an impact.  Alaska will definitely give the electoral votes to McCain-Palin.

So the lesson is?  Want a good shot at becoming president?  Be a great mayor of a tiny town (and be attractive and female).  My previous post about Sarah Palin ended with “I’m not a member of any political party but she’s one more Conservative that will have my vote next time around.”

Governor Sarah Palin and the Vikings and Valkyries

During the pageant for the 2007 Little Norway Festival in Petersburg, Alaska, Alaska’s Governor – Sarah Palin addressed the crowd.  She was welcomed with a rowdy greeting from the Vikings and donned some fur on loan from Caryn Flint. Petersburg was founded by Norwegians and every year the town celebrates the Norse heritage with festivities in mid-May. Some people dress in outfits and pillage the town during the festival – those in the background.

Sarah Palin

Update: This image is being used for a caption contest at Volokh.com.