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Print your own (Monopoly) money

Here are links to .pdf files so that you can print your own

These used to be hosted by Hasbro but for some reason they changed the link and I can no longer find them on their site. These could be great to use as original graphic files to make your own money for games.  Easier to print of a few hundred dollars in custom money than to get your own custom poker chips!  Of course, if you want to get your hands on real replacement Monopoly money you can get it here for $16.

Gas at $4.899 a gallon

Gas at $4.899 a gallon

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If you look closely you can see the reflection of my Monopoly t-thirt. there is one fuel barge that suplies the two gas stations on the island. Their price sets the local price. And the price just grows and grows because the barge that brings our fuel up is pulled by a tug that also runs on fuel that has increased in price. So we’re paying more for gas and also paying more for the delivery of that gas.