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Peru – day five

Highlights: Visiting Machu Picchu, hiking Wayna Picchu, eating alpaca meat

Pictures taken: 378

Travel: 30 minute bus ride to and from Machu Picchu

Favorite photo of the day:
Alpaca at Machu Picchu

I had a wake-up call at 7 and tried to ask for another at 7:20 but must have been misunderstood. I woke at 7:50 and dressed quickly while I dodged downstairs for breakfast. They had orange juice, bananas, oranges, and a flat bread with butter and jams. I ate a couple of bananas, drank some juice and got ready for my first chore.

First I went to the train station and modified my ticket. The one I had was returning me to Ollanta and I decided to take the train clear to Cusco instead. That cost me an additional $17 and I leave an hour earlier – the last train to Cusco from Aguas Calientes. I won’t arrive in time to track down a braso sapo though.

I then bought my entry ticket for Machu Picchu and then went and bought a bus ticket to get up and back. The bus ticket was $14 dollars and the entry to the park was 124 soles (a bit over $40). I hopped on the bus and when it was nearly filled we started the drive to the park and up the narrow switchbacks.

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