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Lego Minifigure Shelf

In August we made shelves for our collection of Lego Minifigures.  Not all of them – just the ones from the collectible series.  I wrote the project up on Instructables here.

Next we’ll make some shelves for holding Jacob’s extensive collection of cars and perhaps one for Jordan’s collection of castles!

Yesterday was one of those “best days”

School starts back up tomorrow after our three week winter break.  So on Saturday I set out to try and have a really great day knowing Sunday would have a lot of things going on that I had to do instead of wanted to do.  Sunday wasn’t all bad though…


  1.  Slept in
  2. Watered my plants and did some repotting and pruning
  3. Went on a walk and did some beach combing and came back with two handfulls of treasures
  4. Ate pancakes, sausages and muffins that Pepper cooked.
  5. Got cash!  (See: India demonetization.)
  6. Picked up totes (actually Indian milk crates) to use to sort Lego.  (For a future project.)  Spent more than an hour with the boys scrubbing them clean.  Then went about filling them with Lego.
  7. Worked on a video from our summer travels.
  8. Went to a friend’s for dinner and drinks and to catch up on their travel during the break.


  1. Woke earlier
  2. Went on a walk and beach combed again.  Saw one dead sea turtle.  This time brought home two small grocery bags of treasures including a dolphin skull.  Yes, a dolphin skull.  (Perhaps a porpoise?)  I’m sure that it will excite our biology teacher as much as it did me!
  3. Cooked potatoes, bacon and eggs for brunch.
  4. The family got haircuts.
  5. Went to Amadora for ice cream.
  6. Wrote up a project on Instructables and entered it in an appropriate contest.

Using LEGO manipulatives for teaching base ten math

This isn’t a new idea — there are a number of good online resources for using LEGO bricks for teaching base 10 math skills.  But a few months ago, before I found those resources, I had the idea of using the number of dots on plate pieces to show 1, 10 and 100 to Jacob.  LEG) is pretty much built on a base 2×4 format so I thought plates would be best  to keep the size down.   Thankfully, I have a substantial number of LEGO and it was easy to create the manipulatives.

LEGO manipulatives base 10

I can’t wait to use LEGO to teach fractions!



7 Reasons why LEGO® bricks should replace the US Dollar

The news is depressing.  The US Dollar is slumping.  Canada’s dollar is of equal value.  I hear that according to the Big Mac Index that a burger would cost over $7 in some European countries.  Perhaps all of my future travels will be to developing nations where the dollar still has a relatively high value.  Or we could switch to LEGO® bricks for currency.  Here are my reasons.

  1. Then our currency could never be “worthless” – if nothing else we could play with it when we can no longer buy things with the money.  I suppose some people are already doing this with penny stacking.
  2. Some of our money is made out of metal. That may have been fine during the iron age but today’s economies revolve around petroleum products. Let our currency show that!
  3. Every child would instinctively be raised only knowing how to save (even horde) money.  How many times have you seen a penny on the street?  How full is that “need a penny” tray?  If those were even 1×1 LEGO® bricks they would have been picked up before you ever saw them.  Nobody gives them away unless they  are doing it for a gift.  And if they didn’t give you Lego then they would have given you money — see?  Cash is a secondary gift to LEGO® kits.
  4. If you ever stepped on a LEGO® piece you know that you’d never just leave it lying around.  You would always keep it stored in a safe place where you are not going to step on one with your heel while barefoot.
  5. It wouldn’t be prone to slipping out of your pocket and in between the couch cushions.  Those characteristic bumps would make that almost impossible.
  6. I have more LEGO® pieces than i have money.  I bet quite a few people are like that.  If my net worth were measured in LEGO® pieces then i would owe nobody and would have a significant stash in the spare bedroom closet.
  7. Counterfeits would be easy to spot.  “Hey, wait — this is a Megablock!  What are you trying to pull here?”

Petersburg Sons of Norway Hall out of Lego

On Saturday and Sunday I worked on a Lego piece for Lux Boutique’s window. I ran out of roofing pieces so the dormers are not represented and it has an opening on both sides so you can see down into the Hall. I thought about making Fishermen’s Memorial Park (next door) also. Perhaps next year. Last year I poured Lego onto the floor of one of the windows and divided the colors to look like a Norwegian flag.

Lego Mindstorm

Today i bought four Lego sets at the hardware store during lunch.  They came to $202.24 after a 70% discount.  They originally retailed at $635.96.  Two of the sets were identical and originally cost $249.99.  How could a Lego set cost that much?  It is the Lego Mindstorm base set which includes programmable robotic features, bluetooth integration (control the robot with a cell phone), motors, sensors and more.  I bought two so i could sell one on Amazon and pay for the cost of the purchase.  I also bought two other sets that are pretty valuable on Amazon also.  I have always felt a little shame in selling Lego.  Don’t worry family members — i never have sold any of the family collection.  In fact a number of people have given me their family’s collection and I have bought a fair amount on eBay and at garage sales.  But i did buy a set of train tracks at the thrift store for $2 which i listed on eBay and sold for more than $100 once.  I’m sure they went to a home that will use them more than i would have anyway.


I normally don’t do this. But last week i bought some Lego at the Salvation Army. A bag of train tracks. They are a more modern set than those that are in the family collection though. I bought the bag for $2. I decided to list them on eBay. Right now they are over $40. [edit: they sold for over $100 – nice profit margin!]