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Peru – day two

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Highlights: Tour of Sacred Valley sites,

Pictures taken: 289

Travel: Flew from Lima to Cusco

Technically, my second day in Peru began with me being relegated to an unused part of the Lima airport. I was checking in for a flight more than 5 hours away. The spot they put me was good though – no airport announcements, a clean bathroom, electricity, and benches long enough to lie down and sleep on. I washed my socks and shirt from the day in the sink and set them out to dry. I wrote about day one after uploading my photos. I then slept for two or three hours.

Lima airport beds

My flight to Cusco ended up departing an hour late. My conversation with the two Australian girls in my row and the view from the plane as we landed made me regret not planning further ahead and taking on the Inca Trail. You can hike to Machu Picchu taking a long or a short trek (a week being long and 4 days being short). It really is beautiful in the mountains.

I had planned on making a connection with a family friend that i figured could give me some good pointers on a place to stay in Cusco. I asked a taxi driver to take me to the address that i had for her and he looked confused. Turns out that he can’t take me to her postal box.

So i told him i wanted a private bath with a hot shower and a moderate priced room. I ended up at Casa Grande for $25 a night. I checked my guidebook and i’m paying twice the price i should – probably a kickback to the driver. In the future i’ll be sure to have a place picked out before the cabbies swarm me… although i did have a plan!

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