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We have cats


Over the summer, our two restless cats did some destruction of the wallpaper.  We’re good tenants, so now that the cats have been de-clawed, we’ve contacted the landlord to figure out how much we need to pay for the repairs.  We got the estimate yesterday.


Now we’re considering learning how to wallpaper to reduce the cost.  Although I really hope I never decide to wallpaper any place of my own.

I have to think of the fur-balls as an investment to our happiness.  Even when they won’t leave us alone in the morning because they want to be fed.  Despite the troubles, Pepper is always poking around the pet supplies looking for cat toys when we’re buying litter or cat food.

We plan on bringing them with us to India so purchased to very inexpensive kennels which we can carry on board the flights.  This is bound to be a hassle.  We will leave Ulaanbaatar at about midnight on the 19th of June.  Then three hours later, we’ll be in Seoul.  From 4 AM until 6 PM we’ll be hunkered down in a pet-friendly hotel near the airport.  Then we have a 10 hour flight to Seattle.  In Seattle we have an 18 hour overnight layover where we’ll be lodged in another pet-friendly place and then finally we have the four and a half hour milk-run up to Petersburg.  All while the three of us will likely be hauling a dozen or more bags plus the two cats.

I hope they like their sedatives.


Ash hanging out

Ash hanging out

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We cleaned the house for about 5 hours today. Laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, liter boxes, hot tub chemicals, dishes; all those usual things. But we also hung things on the walls, tidied the boiler room, removed the “doorbell”, loaded the car with donations to th Salvation Army, moved the porch swing and other things that are not part of the usual chores. Ash followed us around everywhere.

Cats like warm places

Cats like warm places

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…even occupied tanning beds.

Our tanning bed broke a few weeks ago. The timer needed to be replaced. I ordered one and received it on Monday. I had the tanning bed opened up and ready for the part (naturally I had to nearly gut the thing to get to the faulty timer). This evening I put the new timer in and cleaned the bed. It is amazing how much dust and hair ends up in that thing.

I used the tanning bed for the first time in a long time. I think I have only hopped in it a few times since November. That should change.

Ollie hates going to the vet

Poor Ollie. Since this sping he’s had these awful dreadlocks. I cut them out a little bit at a time. I had an appointment to take him to the vet to have them removed but ended up too busy to get him in when i had the appointment so had to try and bring him in during my lunch break. The vet wasn’t there. So poor Ollie rode out to the vet and back for no reason. And he made this heart breaking sound the whole way.

Greeting cards that should be made

I was thinking about Ryan Welde’s cat yesterday.  I saw him taking Deuce in to the vet — most likely to have a catheter put in because the poor cat has been having problems peeing.  I’m not big on buying or sending cards but i thought about it for a moment.  What kind of card do you give someone that’s dealing with someone close to them that is having bladder problems?

On the front…

“I know urine a lot of pain…”


“…but it’ll pee all better soon.”