While spending hours super gluing action figures together i began plans for making a Barbie wreath. One obstacle to making a Barbie wreath is the difficulty in obtaining Barbies. Well, fortunately for me, Seth and Erica were on the lookout a few weeks ago when they spotted bulk Barbies at just $1 each. They picked out a dozen or so and bought them for me and called to let me know about the find. Well, i went and bought the rest of them. The problem is that there was one Ken in the bunch. I didn't want my wreath to have any man-dolls in it so he became a dog toy.

Barbie bodies are quite a bit longer than the normal action figure so layout of the Barbies and the radius of the wreath had to be different than i had done in my previous project. Luckily, i have a habit of squirreling away even the least necessary parts and pieces because they might be useful someday. Well, the shelves that i made from spools that Angie gave me from the Shipwright's had some hardware that i saved and i had a few pieces of metal from a project that i did about 8 years ago (no kidding) that i was able to reshape into a large hoop.

The next thing to do was to start attaching the dolls to the hoop. A little super glue goes a long way. Cena was kind enough to brush out the hair on the Barbies which made them so damn good looking that i almost changed my mind about putting super glue in their butt cracks. But the project must go on despite any resurgence of adolescent crushes.

Once they were glued in place they needed to be fully fused to each other. Super glue was then put on every point that they contacted each other and even in their arm and hip joints to keep them solid. Wrapping the wreath with a set of lights adds a festive seasonal flare to the piece. I did experiment with having the lights come from the Barbie breasts on one doll that Marley beheaded. There just wasn't enough space inside their bodies to have the lights come through. The lights ended up only peeping part way through and instead lighting up their body cavity and showing seams in the plastic and the structural supports inside.


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