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The unanticipated expense of nesting

We moved.  Not far, just a few blocks away from the home we had for our first four years in India.  Things have been a little disruptive as a result.  

Before departing for the summer we packed most of our things.  We knew we would return and need to move immediately.  When we landed in Chennai we went straight to our new home.  Not everything had been moved many things had. We just had to find our bed sheets and get some rest. The next couple of days we spent unpacking, moving furniture, and getting settled.

This place has a big lawn so we now own a lawn mower and string trimmer which we didn’t plan on buying.  I would like to limit the number of continents that I own a lawnmower on to two.  

We have cats


Over the summer, our two restless cats did some destruction of the wallpaper.  We’re good tenants, so now that the cats have been de-clawed, we’ve contacted the landlord to figure out how much we need to pay for the repairs.  We got the estimate yesterday.


Now we’re considering learning how to wallpaper to reduce the cost.  Although I really hope I never decide to wallpaper any place of my own.

I have to think of the fur-balls as an investment to our happiness.  Even when they won’t leave us alone in the morning because they want to be fed.  Despite the troubles, Pepper is always poking around the pet supplies looking for cat toys when we’re buying litter or cat food.

We plan on bringing them with us to India so purchased to very inexpensive kennels which we can carry on board the flights.  This is bound to be a hassle.  We will leave Ulaanbaatar at about midnight on the 19th of June.  Then three hours later, we’ll be in Seoul.  From 4 AM until 6 PM we’ll be hunkered down in a pet-friendly hotel near the airport.  Then we have a 10 hour flight to Seattle.  In Seattle we have an 18 hour overnight layover where we’ll be lodged in another pet-friendly place and then finally we have the four and a half hour milk-run up to Petersburg.  All while the three of us will likely be hauling a dozen or more bags plus the two cats.

I hope they like their sedatives.