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Music of 2016

Here are the songs that I used to get me through long nights of work, the commute to the school and the occasional workout.  See my 2015 list here.

There are ancient tracks (from 2011) that I did not know from Rusko called Everyday. and plenty of more modern tracks.

But there were two artists that made my 2016.

Just a few more one-off (so far) artists.


May link dump

Whoa.  I nearly forgot to publish my list of important links for the month of May!

International teacher blogs

I really enjoy reading about other teachers that are working in international settings. But it isn’t easy to find them so I thought I would collect some here. It is noteworthy that these people don’t tend to write much about the schools – they write about life.

First there is mine. I’m a new physical education teacher in Mongolia. Of course, there is my wife’s blog too.

Although not technically international, my good friend Mike is teaching in Togiak, Alaska. He has similar circumstances with language barriers, isolation, being a minority, and many of the other pros and cons of international teaching.

Lisa Phu is a friend from Alaska. She was working in the nearby town of Wrangell (although not teaching) and then was teaching in Africa, then Bhutan, then back to Africa and now is back in Juneau. She’s a great writer and fun to follow.

My friend Liz also worked in Mongolia. She’s Australian and had a second grade class at the school I work at.

Our friend Becky The Great teaches art at our school in Mongolia and has taught in China and elsewhere.

Another friend is teaching in Zimbabwe right now.  Brooke doesn’t update too often but she’s worth reading up on the adventures there.

I know there are lots more out there so if you have a blog or read one post it in the comments and I’ll update my post to include them.

(Updated 2/9/2013)

Daydreaming about Vietnam

In the late fall of 2007 I went to Vietnam for Seth’s wedding. We only got to see the southern part of the country (and Cambodia) though. It was really cool to have dinner in one of Khan’s relative’s home the first night. And after our stint through Cambodia we were back in the My Tho area having more meals with Khan’s family. While there, I got to know Khan’s little sister and she is planning on getting married in about a year.

If we manage to get our finances in order and are able to go it would be great to see the northern part of Vietnam. I want to see Halong Bay and Hanoi. The wedding would be near Ho Chi Minh though (in the south). I missed a few things to see there on my first trip – it was hard trying to coordinate so many tourists! My wife says I have to see Thailand too. The nice thing about these places is that it is quite inexpensive once you’re there!

Before my first trip, thinking about Vietnam holidays didn’t really conjure normal vacation imagery. And I wonder if vacationers to Iraq 30 years from now will get the same sort of reaction from me.

I always love having a trip on the horizon to think about. Although lately I have really wanted to add new locations to my list which is why a trip to Europe might be even more tempting!

February plans

Next month is already looking busy… I’ll fly to Juneau on the first for a SEAtrails meeting and fly back the next day. Which we all know is Groundhog’s Day. Which is a HUGE party in Petersburg. (Just kidding.) Then on Sunday the 6th we’ll be celebrating three things. The end of 4 weeks of playing the Game On Diet. The Superbowl. And my birthday!

The past two years I have spent the majority of my birthday in an airport and airplanes. This one I hope to not do that!

But the big question is – what will I do for valentines day? I’m trying to be frugal so flowers are not too likely. (sorry Pepper, I know you love them!) So it will probably be something home made. A card? Jewelry? Skivvies? All of them? I better get my act together and start making something so it isn’t a last-minute rush. My project from last year never was completed because I waited too long. If I finish that it will just feel like I’m a year late on the gift!

Why can’t valentine’s day be celebrated when flowers could be bought that could be planted? It turns out that the earliest reference to a “Volantynys day” was made by Chaucer in 1382. And researchers seem to believe that it was on May 2nd that he was referring to. I have a hunch that a gift given on May 2nd wouldn’t get much recognition as a Valentine’s Day gift – even to a history teacher!

Easily calculate the cost of driving between places

Next week we’ll be on a little trip and will be renting cars.  That means filling them up with gas.  According to NPR earlier tonight, gas prices have dropped 87 cents per gallon in the last month – so our timing is pretty good.  Check out cost2drive where all you need to do is enter your origin and destination location and your make and model of your vehicle and it does the rest.

Flash player won’t work in Firefox running Vista

Last week a friend called me and asked if i could help because she needed to do homework that required Adobe Flash to complete.  (Wow, homework sure has changed since i went to college!)  I had her install Firefox and we got things to work that way.  I wanted to watch some Daily Show clips but was being told that i needed to install Adobe Flash Player.  I could download the file and install it but then kept getting the same message.  I finally used the Adobe Flash Player uninstall tool and then reinstalled the player and now things seem to work.

Edit: nevermind. It made YouTube clips work (at some recent point they stopped but i don’t know when) but Comedy Central still wants me to install the player.  Before going to the Adobe Flash version checker brought up nothing but now it shows that i have a player installed.