Raven’s debut

One Sunday in September I was walking around our neighborhood with Raven. I tell you, that girl just loves to be outside. She’s also very fond of being where people are. So when a Tamil serial is being filmed in our neighborhood that girl just has to be nearby.

Granted, this is during the pandemic and when everyone should be wearing face masks. We will take her up and down the streets near us and not wear one because there’s generally nobody around. For the record, I wear a mask in the car, at the grocery store, at the school, and even when out riding my bike or walking outside of our neighborhood whenever people are around.

But back to her gravitating to the action nearby – Raven just kept pushing her cart toward the people that were involved in the shooting. At one point, a man sitting in a chair nearby asked if they could get a shot of her. I agreed, and sent Pepper a message to come see Raven’s shoot.

We watched some of a scene being shot and then were called over and asked to walk towards the camera. I thought they were just trying to get a shot of her but it was explained that the scene was about a woman seeing a small girl bonding with her father and missing that in her life. They told me it would air in October on Sun TV. I got to see the footage they captured and appreciated right away the moment that was captured.

October passed and I assumed our footage was never used. But then one morning the ladies that come and collect our garbage told Sathish that they saw Raven on TV the night before. So I was excited to see the footage and asked for him and Raven’s nanny, Jeeva, to see if they could find out the name of the show. That day I was on the school campus and a staff member (Prakash) said he saw me and my daughter on TV. My desire to see it really increased!

Eventually, Sathish sent me a WhatsApp clip of the scene with her in it. And now the whole episode is on YouTube. The Show is Kannana Kanne and airs on Sun TV. It was the 4th episode of the first season for the show and aired on November 5th, 2020. Skip to about 21:45 to see the brief shots of us out for our walk.

I am so happy to have this clip available to remember this phase of her life. The cart-pushing days may be behind us, but were an important one! I am grateful to the folks at Sun TV that made this spontaneous thing happen.

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