This post is NOT sponsored. No affiliate link. No free product kicked back to me. Just a straight-up endorsement of a nicely made product by a small company making a great handmade product.

We _used_ to travel a lot. One year we flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand from Chennai, India for a week-long spring break. that trip was cut short because an unfortunate visa complication that I’ll not get into, other than to say one of our son’s residence permit was set to three entries to India for the year and not “multiple” and so he had to have that renewed before re-entering India. Anyway, during a layover in the Don Mueang Airport I picked up this bag for about $25.

Finger Mark handmade felt vintage camera style bag.

It fits our family’s stack of 5 fat passports and a pen and a couple of immigration cards and there isn’t much room for anything else. which is perfect for a bag that I keep in my larger carry-on bag. I can pull this before hitting the airport entry and have it slung around my neck until our bags are checked, or we’ve cleared immigration.

I’ll tell the story of the elastic in the passports some other time.

It’s seen quite a few years of use and is holding up really well. This is a felt “vintage camera” model, but they have beautiful leather and canvas bags now. They have some that look like Gameboys and I have seen glimpses of phones and even a TV. They are handmade in Thailand and they seem to have limited online ordering available, but have the following contacts.

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