3 weeks into my stock market experiment

Here’s a screen capture of the current value of the stock portfolio I built using WeBull.

I have put $200 into it. The unrealized profit and loss of $2.38 is the earning of that $200. The current account value of $221.13 is because the two stocks that I received free for joining: ZNGA (Zynga, the gaming company) that’s at $8.73 right now, and AGI (Alamos Gold) that’s at $10.02.

The first $100 I largely put into airline stocks hoping to see those bounce back, though I realize that’s a longer play. My one share of Alaska Airlines (ALK) I bought at $39.51 and now has a current loss of $1.25. I think I’ll be okay, thanks for the concerns. I bought 3 shares of American Airlines at $12.73 which if I sold now would mean a loss of $3.42 in total. Again, I figure with just the assets these corporations have (and the monopoly Alaska has on some routes) ensures a return to higher numbers — some day. I got 10 shares of Astrotech (ASTC) for $2.21 each that has dropped a bit and would mean a $4.70 loss if I sold today. So the first $100 (okay, $99.80) I put in has a total loss of $9.37.

The second $100, I put in about a week later and I put almost entirely into green energy stocks. I picked up 2 shares of Ballard Power (BLDP) at $14.85 for a total increase of $1.48 as of today. And 2 shares of Plug Power (PLUG) at $14.73 which would earn me $8.26 if sold today. I also got 4 shares of TransAlta (TAC) at $6.08 that I would get $1.16 more if I sold today. So my $83.48 green energy bet has been a net positive of $10.90 in just 2 weeks. That comes to around 13% growth. (I did have just enough to buy one more share of American Airlines which was down to $11.07.)

You’ll note the screen capture also shows my cash balance of $5.65 for money deposited into my WeBull account but not yet allocated to a stock. As you can tell, I wanted to do some compartmentalizing to see and track these chunks of money.

As a little experiment, we also have a recurring deposit set up with the bank we have here in India. Each month it takes 5,000 Indian rupees (about $68) out of Pepper’s account. and it will mature one year form the start. We’ll see what gains that has compared to my playing around. I thought maybe I could do monthly $68 deposits and see if the market can beat the bank rates and how much if so.

Want to join WeBull? For just $100 you can get started and in doing so, I’ll get some more free stocks if you use my link!

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