The 5 things this expat family needs on their kitchen counter

We’ve been in India for a little over 7 years, and though it has long been our home-away-from-home, there are some things we have on our kitchen counter that really help with the adjustment. This is totally a shameless attempt to get a kickback from any purchases made through the below affiliate links but we’re not paid to endorse any of these.

1 – Electric oven. We have a Siemens built-in electric oven that sits on our countertop. We bought this used from friends that were leaving. We also have a gas range and oven that the employer provides, and having two comes in handy on occasion, but when we want to bake the electric oven is a wonderful upgrade. I really should build a shell for it, but it’s been sitting like this for over 3 years now and I’m pretty used to it.

2 – High quality blender. Every day Pepper makes a smoothie for us for breakfast. We had a blender in Mongolia that lasted for two years and then I think we had two here before finally splurging on the Blendtec commercial EZ600. This purchase was difficult. It wasn’t available through most online retail outlets ( might not have even existed yet) and we knew we wanted one that ran on 220 volts. We paid double the price of this already expensive blender and have had to replace the jar once for an additional $150. But the cycle counter on it currently reads more than 2,200 and as that number ticks up, the cost per smoothie, hummus, or other dish keeps going down.

3 – Coffee from pods. I used to make French press coffee for Pepper in the morning, but she’s come to love her Nespresso coffee. In fact, she’s got one machine in her classroom as well as the one at home. This is not without problems. Primarily:

Yes, there are 0 results for Nespresso pods in our area.

That’s not been a huge problem most of the time, because we usually travel a few times a year to a place where Pepper can buy a few cases of her favorite coffee to bring back. But we’ve been in India since early January so she’s had to resort to purchasing compatible pods and the occasional tube that’s found online or in one of the import stores in town.

4 – Baby bottle sterilizer. We bought a Chicco baby bottle sterilizer from another parent that was leaving India. We’ve found it’s useful for more than just running her bottles through though. I’ve used it for sterilizing other kitchen items and even the bottles I’ve used for homebrew.

5 – Water dispenser. We don’t drink the tap water here. Our water comes from a well and then is pumped to our roof tank. We use it to brush our teeth, sure, but don’t drink it. We have a countertop water dispenser that also chills and heats water, but also just has a room temperature nozzle. I find that the hot water is enough for my tea, though Pepper doesn’t use it when she’s had to resort to French press coffee.

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