We splurged on a Blendtec blender

Almost every weekday for almost six years straight, Pepper has made smoothies for breakfast.  Summertime and vacations we usually take off from that routine, but it still probably comes to well over 1,000 uses of a blender.  With no sign of that changing, we decided a long time ago that we needed a blender that made the task even better.

The problem is that finding a high quality blender was difficult because we needed one that runs on 220 volts.  I finally found a commercial restaurant supply company that imports from the UK and bought the Blendtec EZ600.  We’ve used it for a week now and are really happy!

Things that frustrated us about our other blender (a Panasonic):

  • Cleaning the jar required disassembling.  Then when reassembled sometimes it would leak.
  • That leak poured over the base which had a number of spots where milk and yogurt settled and festered.
  • Cleaning the blades was a little dangerous.  (The Blendtec has blunt blades.)
  • It had a short cord which frequently came unplugged.
  • The jar cracked.  It didn’t leak, but like having a functional phone with a cracked screen, it is annoying.

Things we didn’t know we would like so much about the Blendtec commercial blender:

  • One button operation.  Pepper puts in the ingredients, presses a button and walks away.  It stops automatically.
  • Power.  Oh gosh, what power.  If you’re not familiar with their YouTube channel where they put things like iPhones in the blender then check out how it pulverizes things.

If you’re looking for a place to buy a Blendtec blender in India, I suggest Kiwi Bar.

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