My travel in 2016

As a further motivator to get caught up on some blogging, here are the times I traveled in 2016…

  • Early January we were in Romania and then Serbia for our winter break.
  • Spring Break in March was spent in Thailand.
  • In late April we had to go to Sri Lanka for a visa renewal for Jordan.
  • In mid-May we went to Bangalore for Jacob’s swim meet.
  • For summer break we flew to Seattle where we stayed for a while before renting an RV and driving through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Oregon.  Then we spent time in New York before returning to India.
  • We went to New Delhi for a long weekend in September.
  • I had an overnight volleyball trip to Sri Lanka in September.
  • For our fall break we went to Paris.
  • In October I had our team’s volleyball tournament in Oman.
  • In November I went rafting with a group of 12 students for four days on the Mahakali River which separates India and Nepal.
  • We flew to Madurai for Thanksgiving break.
  •  Winter break we went to Ukraine, Finland and then rang in the new year in Estonia.
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