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A little over three weeks ago I stopped by a place that I have wanted to stop at for a few years.  It is located less than 10 minutes away from us but isn’t usually open when we drive by.  I asked about having a table made for us to use as our dining room table that also could serve as a gaming table.  They gave me an estimate given my specifications, I gave them a $90 deposit (well, 6,000 Indian rupees) and then I headed home to draw up plans.  The next day I stopped by and talked more with one of the carpenters and my sketches in hand.

I stopped by twice to check on the progress and today they delivered the final product.  The table top measures 45 inches by 69 inches.  It is in three pieces, two at about 28 inches and the center leaf is 14 inches wide.  This was intentional — I wanted the top to be versatile and my parents let me know that one huge table top is very heavy to lift and cumbersome to stow.  We can take just one of the larger pieces off and have enough space for three people to play and not have to clear the table.  Or remove one end and the center piece for a larger area.  Or take off the two large ends and use the center leaf to separate areas like a game master and the adventuring party.  Or just leave it on one end for the popcorn bowl and drinks.

The play area itself is dropped four inches from the four inch wide railing.  The surface is 39 inches by 63 inches and is covered in a dark red fabric with a bit of texture which I hoped would allow for cards to be picked up easily.   The size is intentionally big so that we can play even our largest games (or Pepper could do a large puzzle) and still have room without feeling like the table is too large.

The entire thing is made of solid teak except the plywood bottom.  Aside from the dimensions being slightly larger than a 3×5 foot dining table, the other thing that pushed the cost up a little was that I had these carved legs made.

There are two things that are not excellent.  First, the three table top pieces don’t fit well together on the seams so there are gaps.  I should have suggested that they make one big table top and then cut it apart before finishing it.  Second, the table legs make a strange corner where they protrude through the floor of the playing area and up to the rail.  In hindsight I would have had them either move the rail to cover it, make a larger rail, or added wood to the inside so the rail doesn’t overhang the play surface.

In total it cost us $575 (39,000 INR) plus $5 (300 INR) for delivery.  We hope that this becomes a family heirloom and that our boys are fighting over it (civilly) many years from now.  Or maybe we should order another one now just to head off the family feud.

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