The sea turtles are back and they are dying

On the weekends I usually get up before the rest of the family and walk down to the beach to beach-comb, get some fresh air and steps in and to clear my head.  Beach walks here are not always the most pleasant.  Many people do not have plumbing or toilets so the beaches tend to have many piles of human waste and invariably I need to alter my pace to avoid men defecating like the beach is their litter box.   I’ve seen plenty of dead animals on the short stretch of beach I usually walk.  Rats, a kitten, dogs, even a pig and a mongoose after last year’s floods.  But the large number of sea turtles that I see this time of the year is most depressing.

Every winter, sea turtles return to the beaches of Chennai to lay eggs.  Every year while on my walks I see many dead sea turtles.  I assumed that they were dying from feral dogs attacking them but a man I met on the beach said that it is from fishermen ignoring bans on certain gear during the nesting season.  That makes more sense because the turtles are usually not torn up like they would be if dogs were eating on them.

This year I counted six dead turtles along about two kilometers of beach.  A week later most of the carcasses were washed away by high tides.  Maybe most of my gruesome sightings for a while will involve the discarded puffer fish and lost dolls.

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