Jacob has been with us for two years

Writing the names on the invitations to Jacob’s two-year (anniversary with the family) party made me realize what an inclusive community he has joined.  Sure, there are three that sound like they are from the US, UK or Australia, one Italian, and then there is the Malaysian, Indian and two Koreans that help me realize that he is accepted even though he’s the only full-blooded Chinese kid at the school.  Though ask him and he’s every bit a full-blooded American.  …and he’s right.

I heard the sister of one of the boys ask her mom the other day “Why does Jacob walk that way?” which was the same question a girl in his class asked me almost two years ago. “He was born that way” is about all I can manage to say when kids ask.

He’s behind almost all of his classmates academically.  He struggles with reading and writing.  He’s improving.  Two years ago he couldn’t add together single digit numbers.  He has a loose grasp of multiplication, fractions and division now.  Somehow I don’t worry about his opportunities in the world.  If you’ve ever interacted with him you know that he’s full of positivity and energy.


He’s fitting in really well.

He has now been to 11 countries.  Aside from the US and China he has been to…

Great Britain
Sri Lanka
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