Day five of Winter Break 2015-16

Date: Wednesday, 23rd of December 2015

Highlight: “Christmas morning”

We didn’t bring all of our gifts.  We opened most Christmas presents in Chennai and brought most of the stocking contents to Serbia to celebrate Christmas with Brooke.  We decided that it wouldn’t be practical to carry all of the stockings and gifts through Romania so opted to celebrate Christmas at Brooke’s.

The mystery of Santa is eroding, but Jacob did put cookies out for him.  We opened stockings and the few gifts exchanged with Brooke. Some of the things were nice travel additions so were great to have just before we set off for two weeks in Romania.  We had a nice breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches.

We called a pair of taxis (drivers won’t take five passengers, even if one is tiny) and then headed to the Belgrade Fortress.  We brought along Jacob’s scooter this time and it proved to  be a great way for him to get around without complaining or asking to be carried.


We looked at the tanks, torpedoes and other military equipment, did a walk through a museum of torture and walked around the fortress a bit.  We found the church with light fixtures made from weaponry and another beautiful church before we headed to another few sites within the city.

We called it a day before heading to bed because we had a morning flight to Bucharest to catch!



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