My April stats from my work email account

This is a word cloud using the most common words from my April emails.

I just installed this Chrome app that scrapes through my email.  (Don’t worry, it has some great reviews from some significant media sources so I’m not too concerned about privacy issues). It told me interesting statistics for the month of April such as:

  • I received 516 emails of which 65% were directly addressed to me (not to a mailing list).
  • I send, and receive a gradually increasing number of messages on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but that declines quickly Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  See the chart below. (I suspect that travel for the meet a few weeks ago hit that significantly.)
  • 56% of my email came from outside of the school’s domain.  (I’ve been emailing operators for our Discover India trips quite a bit.)
  • I reply to 21% of my messages within 5 minutes, another 21% withing 15 minutes, and another 22% of messages in less than an hour.  That’s 64% of my messages that I respond to sent within an hour of receipt.
  • About 70% of my email messages have less than 10 words!

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