We are heading to Oman for a track meet


If I told you a story about visa hassles leading to having to change flights you might think I was retelling a story from last fall when Jacob and I had to trail behind the rest of the family by a few days.   Or maybe you thought I was telling a story from the year before when we were held up over a week because of visa problems… 

Nope.  I am telling a new story about visa problems leading to police clearance letters for a 9 year old and a flight missed by 12 hours…  but things are all working out and Jacob and I are on the next flight to Muscat,  Oman to catch up with Jordan,  Pepper,  and the rest of the track team.

We have all been practicing since mid February at 6:15 in the morning (sleepily hitting the snooze button at 4:45) and this is the season-end meet.   Pepper has coached the long and high jumps.   I have coached the discus and shot put.   Jordan has mid distance events as well as jumps and even is throwing shot put.   Jacob gets to miss school for three days and be a cheerleader.

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