Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays

Last Monday school resumed after a two week spring break.  That means many of my co-workers were back from their vacations.  I endured stories about South Africa, Brazil and Italy.  Having been to those places may have made my jealousy even worse.  I avoided the lunch room though politely asked people about their breaks when I saw others in the hallway.

Staycations are great – but when you go back to a workplace full of people buzzing from their great locations and activities it isn’t easy to compare.  We went to some really great places and saw and did wonderful things.  But it wasn’t Rome or Rio.  There wasn’t great wine or diving with great white sharks.

But on the bright side, on Monday Tommy gave me a single bottle of beer he carried from Italy for us…

McFarland Beer
McFarland traditional red ale!


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