Agra Fort in Agra, India

After we spent the morning at the Taj Mahal, Pepper, Jordan, Jacob and I continued on to see the Agra Fort.  In some ways I felt like this fort was better than the Red Fort in Delhi.  The layout was more compact so walking through a doorway lead immediately to a courtyard or Mosque.  I felt much more like we were exploring the complex even when surrounded by many other visitors.

From the book The World’s Heritage – a complete guide to the most extraordinary places

Near the gardens of the Taj Mahal stands the sixteenth-century Mughal monument known as Red Fort of Agra.  With its walls of red sandstone rising above a moat and interrupted by graceful curves and lofty bastions, the fort encompasses within its enclosure walls of 2.5 km the imperial city of the Mogul rulers.  It comprises many fairy-tale palaces, such as the Jahangir Palace and the Khas Mahal; audience halls,such as the Diwan-i-Khas; and two very beautiful mosques.  Like the Delhi Fort, that of Agra is one of the most obvious symbols of the Mogul grandeur which asserted itself under Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan.  Several of the builfings are made from pure marble with beautiful carvings; all of these monuments mark the high point of an Indo-Muslim art strongly marked by influences from Persia.

Here are our photos, mostly by Pepper and Jordan.

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