Books my employer has gifted to us

One very minor but telling benefit of working for our school is that they have given us a few books for free.  The first two re even received in an express mail package mailed to us in Mongolia — the Lonely Planet guide to India and a book of the roads of Chennai.  We already had purchased the India guidebook.  Then on arrival we were given a few books for professional development.

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck which is an inspiring and motivating piece comparing fixed versus growth mindsets and how that impacts our performance as educators, athletes, employees and even parents.

The other was Fair Isn’t Always Equal by Rick Wormelli which the high school used to help drive the discussion to develop an assessment policy for grades 9 through 12.  We read through it chapter by chapter through last year and then had candid conversations of how we as educators felt about our grading and assessment practices.

I have to say, our school’s propensity to support staff with best practices, ample tools and resources and a clear desire to move ahead in the best interest of the students is truly reassuring that we made a good choice in coming to Chennai.

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