I am in Kuala Lumpur for a conference


The hotel that our school is using for the conference I am attending is quite close to the Petronas Towers.   I caught the train and metro to within a few blocks of the hotel and on the walk we passed by the towers that were the world’s tallest building ten years ago.


The flight I chose out of Chennai departed at just after midnight and we arrived at almost 7 local time.   I managed about an hour of sleep and already am running on fumes from the late night I had from completing report cards and then early morning for track practice.  

Do I sound like I am complaining about being tired?  Don’t worry.   I found a place to lie down while my room is prepared.


It isn’t cool enough to warrant wearing jeans poolside but I am not in the sun and now that I am not dragging my luggage around I am not in danger of sweating through my clothes.  

We have four days of training here and I will arrive back in Chennai late on Sunday.   I brought a bag big enough to haul some Cheetos back for Jordan.

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