New York Times list of 52 places to go in 2015

The NYT list of 52 places to go in 2015 came out this week so I’ll look at their list and how I have done in making it to some of these places already.  I have looked at the lists from 2014, 2013 and 2012 in the past.  As I have previously, I will put in bold the locations I have been to and would consider counting because I have spent enough time there.

  1. Milan, Italy
  2. Cuba
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Yellowstone National Park
  5. Elqui Valley, Chile
  6. Singapore
  7. Durban, South Africa
  8. Bolivia
  9. Faroe Islands
  10. Macedonia
  11. Medellin, Columbia
  12. St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  13. Orlando, Florida
  14. Zimbabwe (lots of posts)
  15. Burgundy, France
  16. Lower Manhattan, NY
  17. Tanzania
  18. North coast of Peru
  19. Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  20. Oman
  21. Cleveland, Ohio
  22. Sri Lanka (just a couple)
  23. New Orleans, Louisiana
  24. Adelaide, Australia
  25. Republic of Georgia
  26. Manchester, England
  27. Campeche, Mexico
  28. Greenland
  29. Papua New Guinea
  30. Bend, Oregon
  31. Rabat, Morocco
  32. Squamish, Canada
  33. Seoul, South Korea
  34. St. Kitts
  35. Shikoku, Japan
  36. San Antonio (The Alamo)
  37. San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
  38. Alentejo, Portugal
  39. The Catskills, New York
  40. Quebec City, Canada
  41. Canton Valais, Switzerland
  42. Ile-de-France
  43. Danang, Vietnam
  44. Chengdu, China
  45. Miami Beach, Florida
  46. Shanghai (plenty of posts)
  47. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  48. Rome, Italy (my posts)
  49. Caceres, Spain
  50. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
  51. Baku, Azerbaijan
  52. Kas, Turkey

Since Shanghai is on the list this year, Chennai was on last year, and Mongolia the year before, Pepper has lived in a location on each of the past three years.

I have been to 10 of the locations — or 21% — which is my best result from the previous lists.

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