Frequent Flier miles for Trip Advisor reviews

I have mentioned that I’m interested in collecting frequent flier miles.  It makes sense with the amount of travel that we do and the high price of getting around.  We have managed to use miles for ticket discounts for each of our summer trips so far — saving us a few hundred dollars each time.

My travel for work now usually has me on Jet Airways and I suspect that I’ll fly about 3-4 round trips with them per year.  That’s not a lot, hardly enough to get free tickets anytime soon.  So I’m glad that they have partnered with Trip Advisor to provide an incentive to write reviews.


They offered this opportunity last month but I didn’t realize that it would renew.  I wrote a few reviews, and I have been for quite a few years.  I know that Trip Advisor gets a bad rap for allowing fake reviews but I have only been honest and written about places that I have been/stayed/eaten.

Writing a review of a place we went to in Bangalore on my blog and then using some of that content in a review makes it seem like I’m getting miles for writing blog posts!  So, expect to see some of my future posts written a little more like a review.  I better get to work,  if I only review restaurants I can do 30 reviews by month end to get the 1,500 miles!

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