The New York Times list of 46 places to go in 2013

Interestingly, I wanted to look back at prior NYT lists of places to travel and it turns out that I’m living in one of the destinations for 2014 and was living in one of the destinations for 2013.  I have been to seven of the 46 locations or 15%.  So I’ll do the same as I did for their 2014 list.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Marseille, France
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Accra, Ghana
  5. Bhutan
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Houston, Texas
  8. Rossland, British Columbia
  9. New Delhi, India
  10. Istanbul, Turkey
  11. Singapore
  12. Montenegro
  13. White Salmon River, Washington
  14. Hvar, Croatia
  15. Mongolia (Living here for two years leaves lots of stories.)
  16. The Big Island, Hawaii
  17. Philippines
  18. Vernazza, Italy
  19. The Kimberly, Australia
  20. Ningxia, China
  21. The Adirondacks, NY (I made a number of trips there for camping, hiking, and canoeing.)
  22. Oslo, Norway (We were there for their major annual celebration.)
  23. Constantia, South Africa
  24. Lithuania
  25. Burgos, Spain
  26. Lens, France
  27. Changbaishan, China
  28. Porto, Portugal
  29. Puerto Rico
  30. Koh Phangan, Thailand
  31. Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka
  32. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  33. Bangkok, Thailand (A bit of a vacation hub for us, we’ve been there a number of times.)
  34. The Jeseniky, Czech Republic
  35. Waiheke, New Zealand
  36. Yucatan, Mexico (We’ve been to more than just Cancun and Chichen Itza.)
  37. Charlevoix, Quebec
  38. Pecs, Hungary
  39. Republic of Congo
  40. Ireland
  41. Getaria, Spain
  42. Mergui Islands, Myanmar
  43. The Falkland Islands
  44. Washington, D.C. (I made almost annual trips for years to D.C. and still have lots to see.)
  45. Casablanca, Morocco
  46. Paris
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