10 things I have at my house that you probably do not have in yours

  1. Elephant Foot Yam.  We just had some delicious Elephant foot yam for dinner the other night.  The root can be found in some produce stands here and it really is giant.  A decent-sized pumpkin is comparable.  And it lasts for a long time without refrigeration.
  2. A sink in our dining room.  There is a perfectly good sink in the kitchen.  And one in every bathroom.  But there also is one in the dining room.  Why?  Because south Indians eat with their hands.  Yep, rice and curries scooped up with bare fingers.  Just the right hand.  The left is usually positioned on the table in front of you with the forearm resting along the edge of the table.  You use your thumb to push food onto two or three fingers and then the thumb pushes the food off your fingers and into your mouth.  If there are flat breads you tear them with just your right hand by pinning the bread down with some fingers and pulling it with the thumb and index finger.  So washing before and after meals is very important here.
  3. Eight ceiling fans.  Eight!  And five rooms have air conditioners!
  4. A massive generator.  The power here goes out — regularly.  Sometimes for a few hours.  Sometimes for a few minutes.  The generator we have is capable of running air conditioners and everything else.
  5. A puzzle table.  Not just a table that Pepper uses for puzzles.  This is a specially designed table with wings that fold out and store panels that you can position pieces on .  The wings then can fold over the puzzle so that curious cats won’t scatter your hard work.
  6. LOTS of light switches.  Here are three photos to show an example… and these three are just from our bedroom.
  7. Fruit trees – two different coconut, mango, and sweet lime.  We also have a wonderful smelling jasmine plant which seems to blossom every few weeks.Here are some small limes I’m grabbing from our rooftop patio.DSC_7889
  8. Dwarves and giants.  Our kitchen counters are 5 inches shorter than normal.  That makes every kitchen task uncomfortable because you stoop.  Most of the cabinets above the counters are 2 feet higher than in most US kitchens!
  9. There is a large flat-topped stone just behind the house.  It is there to do the wash on.  Next to it are hot and cold water spigots.  The washing machine we have installed was clearly not planned for in the house design.  We have no clothes dryer – just lines on the roof, outside, and at the top of our staircase to dry the laundry.
  10. A pooja room.  The pooja room is a sort of alcove or cabinet to store idols of gods.  Check out these guidelines for pooja rooms.  Our pooja room has served duty as storage for the ironing board and iron in the past but now functions as my recycling sorting area.


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  1. Lisa Emerald

    So jealous about the short counters for this dwarf …lol. Also, love that you have fruit trees! Yum!

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