We own a car again

We’re not particularly happy about it, but we own a car again.  Our home in Chennai is about 15 KM (around 9 miles) from the school.  That’s too far to walk or ride bikes regularly and the area our home is in makes snagging an auto rickshaw really difficult.  More importantly, it is about 25 minutes to the school in the morning and getting there dry and comfortable is key.  One of my co-workers rides a motorcycle to work and on the rainy days he has to shower and change after his ride.


This is it – a Mahindra Scorpio.  We were able to buy it from another teacher and the school provided us with a 9 month interest-free loan.  So unfortunately, we’ll be paid a little less than we were hoping for during the first 3/4 of this first year, but we really need a reliable way to get to the school and home.

We have to budget for diesel now too.  Insurance for a year will cost a little over $150.  We will also spend about $25 a month on a pass for the toll road between our home and the school.  Regardless, eventually this will be a good choice!  We will be able to vacation to a few spots in India and only have to pay for gas and additional toll roads.  We can drive to Bangalore, Ponducherry, Kerala, and many other places in southern India.

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