Two weeks in Alaska

With our short summer (because we’re between schools) and a long list of things to do while back in the US we had only two weeks in Alaska.  We went through all of our boxed up belongings and shipped some to Seattle.  It took a number of days to get through it all and pack up some items.  We ended up shipping about 2500 pounds which cost us a little over $550.  Fortunately, the school we’re going to will reimburse us (otherwise we wouldn’t have sent as much).  We were able to use Jeb’s truck to deliver the two loads to the barge line.  I have to thank Life Cyclery bike ship for all the bike boxes he let me use for packing our shipment.




Once we had that taken care of we had a little time to enjoy Petersburg.  We went camping one night and we participated in some of the 4th of July events.  Jordan and I even won the blindfold rowboat race.  Also, my team won the 2×6 stomp.  We watched the fireworks.


I got to spend some time with Seth, Khanh, Devren, Keith, Jerod, Mike Tozzo, Jeb, Rachel, Orin, Melinda, and Marisa.  There were a number of other people that I only got to see briefly or didn’t connect with.   I was a little antisocial and missed a big wedding reception, a former employees retirement shindig, and a few busy nights that would have been good to go out and see lots of people.  Next year I want to catch up with more people.

We also had to get our visa applications submitted – but that’s a complicated story that deserves it’s own blog post.  …as does the hassle we’re having to go through to get our cats there.

The weather was very cooperative.  We played a game of horseshoes, I was able to tidy up a lot of things behind the house, the shed area was cleaned up and the garden beds mowed down.  (I should have thought to just cover them entirely.  I could stop the leaching of nutrients, prevent weeds, and given a good use for some of my tarps!)

I was able to go salvage a few times.  The second time, Mike came along and we ended up grabbing 3 small windows, two large ones and two glass doors that I can use for the eventual construction of a greenhouse.  I wasn’t able to spend much time making this year though.  I spent a bit of time creating cardboard wraps around furniture and making wooden crates for some of our more fragile items in our shipment.  I moved a little bit more cedar into the shed to dry out over the summer.  I made the salvaged horizontal filing cabinet into a storage cabinet for spray paints, adhesives, caulk, rags, rope, and other things I had kicking around the shed.

Aside from camping, we spent every night in “the shed” which doesn’t sound nice but it is quite decent.  We never needed heaters on, the road noise is almost imperceptible, and we had no TV or other distractions.  It was a nice place to read, nap, or work.

The evening of the day we arrived, we sold jewelry at The Market and one Saturday we had a garage sale.  Both of those gave us a little extra money to indulge in dining out a few times.  Pepper worked a few days at one of the coffee shops to help cover the time off that some people wanted around the 4th.

It was a good visit but way too short and too much time was spent doing the things we had to do instead of the things we wanted to.  Next summer we really want to get out on the water, hike, camp, work on things around the house…

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