Our excitement grows about our move to India

Last weekend we were sent photos of housing in Chennai, India.  The school we’ll be working for wanted to know if we wanted this place…

This place has a lot going for it.  Four bedrooms, four baths.  We have two bedrooms and one bathroom now.  A small yard.  We have a park outside our apartment here but it is sometimes dirty and has people combing through trash in a pile, sometimes squatting in the park (squatting to use the bathroom even), or burning trash to heat a scavenged lunch.  Right now, we have six flights of stairs to climb.  This place has an attractive stairwell up to the bedrooms but just one step to get into the house.  We have an enclosed porch in Jordan’s room but it is on the shady side of our building.  The India house has a rooftop patio.  Top this list of improvements from our current housing off with it being just a few hundred yards from the beach and ocean.


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