A successful hunt – the best bacon in Mongolia

I don’t write about it much but I still love bacon.  We have it as part of our unhealthy weekend breakfast most weeks.  The problem is, we have not found bacon we liked until our most recent purchase.

We tried all sorts of packaged and imported bacon.  Most of the time it was too salty or went straight from raw bacon to petrified bacon. (How does that happen?)  It was never right.  We bought cuts of what looked like bacon from the wet market butchers.  We even tried the local butcher who uses locally raised animals and does all the cutting and packaging himself.  While it was nice to buy local the bacon tasted like pan-fried ham.  So a few weeks ago we saw a new bacon way in the back of the meat section of Merkury Market in one of the small freezers.



The catch is that is is 1.8 KG (4 pounds)!  So we needed quite a few bags to break it up and keep frozen.

The consensus in the household is that we finally found good bacon in Mongolia!

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