I was in the circus

Tonight was the premier of an international circus performance in Ulaanbaatar.  Pepper and I saw flags up a few weeks ago and have seen advertisements around town over the past few weeks as well.  The ads look just like the ticket…



We were seated the second row back.  There were incredible acts of contortion, acrobatics, shows with juggling, dogs, cats, jump rope, and many other performances.

Performers were from all over the world.  Unfortunately, on our way in I was told no photography.  I just nabbed a few shots.

The opening procession of performers and their national flags.
The Russian team sets up for their trapeze act.


…until toward the end, when I was  pulled to the stage by the clown.  Then it seemed like lots of pictures were ok to be taken!

I tried to push the clown’s broken-down car.
Then I was a siren for the clown car.


To make me more attractive the clown combed my arm hair.


…and put a wig on me.


My first day as a circus performer.


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  1. You’re a hoot, man! How’d you get this opportunity? Did you stand up and wave ur arm around when they asked for volunteers? =)

  2. Lol… I’m sure the script called for more, but the clown saw you were a hit with the crowd, so he sent you on your way, right? Thanks for the story! Miss ya, Lil bro! Lovies to your family!

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