Zaisan Memorial in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I have taken my PE classes to the Zaisan Memorial – that’s how close it is to our school.  There is good information about the monument on Atlas Obscura and Wikipedia.  We last went there when Mike was here in late December.

The approach to the memorial on the last few of the over 500 steps.
The approach to the memorial on the last few of the over 500 steps.
Zaisan Memorial mosaic
The inside of teh ring is adorned with detailed mosaic work showing Mongolian and Soviet accomplishments.
Zaisan Memorial mosaic detail
Detail of the mosaic work.
Soviet victory over the Nazis
Note the Nazi symbolism on the flags that the Soviets and Mongolians are lowering.
Ulaanbaatar pollution
You can have spectacular views of the blue sky over Mongolia on some days. And on others (especially during the winter) you get to see the haze of pollution over the city.
Zaisan monument
Zaisan is generally out of the worst of the pollution. This shot looks toward the city and below the ring you can see the haze while above the sky clears considerably.
Zaisan pollution
I think this photo captures the farce that the air quality in Zaisan is better than the city. At times it is worse! Our school is on the left side of the photo – the building with the arched roof on the left side of the building.
Zaisan monument outside ring
The outside of the monument has great pigeon perches!


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