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Beer to go

Last night we finally went to a restaurant near our place in downtown Ulaanbaatar.  We’ve been planning to try it for months.  “Caucasia” serves Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani food.  We tried their appetizer that is similar to chips and salsa, salads, dumplings, pizza-like dish and kabobs.  Everything was quite good.  Prices were reasonable – Pepper and I rang up a bill of almost $50 but we really over ordered food.  We have leftovers to feed all three of us lunch today.

Especially exciting is that they had three beers on tap that we have never seen before.  There were three Austrian beers from Salm Brau.

In preparation four our second beer tasting tournament (our first beer tournament was last year), Pepper asked if it was possible to bring a container back later and have it filled with their beer.  Pepper did this at three Ulaanbaatar microbreweries last year – one she had to provide her own plastic bottle.  They said yes.  Then five minutes later they came back with one of their pint glasses full of beer and wrapped in cellophane.  Not quite what we were hoping for but great to know they trust that we’ll bring the glass back (we will!) and that you can get take-out beer!

The restaurant had great service, great atmosphere, great food, and is in a great location for us.  It is great!  They are part of teh Nomad’s chain (Nomad’s restaurants, BD’s, and others) but it seemed distinct enough.  They had wonderful videos of Caucasus dancing playing, the staff wore great uniforms, and some even spoke English quite well.

Don’t believe me? Read Becky’s review of the place.  She has a better picture of Pepper there too.

We’ll be back.  Plenty.

Open 11 AM to 11PM daily.  Phone – 77119900 or 314433

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