Burgermeister restaurant in Moscow, Russia

June 24th of 2012 we were wandering around Moscow and thirsty.  We had finished riding the Trans Siberian Railroad (said “SiBEERian”) and spent a little time exploring the sites before we were headed to St. Petersburg.  Then we found Burgermeister.  Their beer menu is astounding.

We tried a few excellent beers that we had never heard of.  Check out Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale, from Scotland.


I also tried Seven Giraffes which was also from Scotland.


The Grimbergen Blonde was refreshing.  6.7% and from a recipe from monks from the 1100s.


We sat outside on their semi-enclosed patio.  It was a little cool outside but nice to be outside.  Drinks were not cheap – but it is Moscow.  The view was good and the selection excellent.




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