Translated movie descriptions

When you buy movies in Asia you might need to judge the film by the cover. We bought a movie called Thirteen. I think. On the cover it says “Thirieen” and also SPIN.AIM.SURVIE. which I think is supposed to say “survive.”

The actors listed on the back are totally differnet than those listed and pictured on the front. It also has this awesome movie description.

The film is a remake of director Gela Ani Ba Bulu their 2005 tour, directed by French blackk and white “kill millions of game”, the hero is Sebastian’s work all day repairing theroof at home for other people. One day the owner received a letter, because of the drug overdose death. Wind blew the letter Sebastian labor tools, he is still on the roof of the letter accidentally overheard the secret of great wealth can bring.

The truth is that I selected this movie because Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke are in it. But that description is very intriguing.

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