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I really enjoy reading about other teachers that are working in international settings. But it isn’t easy to find them so I thought I would collect some here. It is noteworthy that these people don’t tend to write much about the schools – they write about life.

First there is mine. I’m a new physical education teacher in Mongolia. Of course, there is my wife’s blog too.

Although not technically international, my good friend Mike is teaching in Togiak, Alaska. He has similar circumstances with language barriers, isolation, being a minority, and many of the other pros and cons of international teaching.

Lisa Phu is a friend from Alaska. She was working in the nearby town of Wrangell (although not teaching) and then was teaching in Africa, then Bhutan, then back to Africa and now is back in Juneau. She’s a great writer and fun to follow.

My friend Liz also worked in Mongolia. She’s Australian and had a second grade class at the school I work at.

Our friend Becky The Great teaches art at our school in Mongolia and has taught in China and elsewhere.

Another friend is teaching in Zimbabwe right now.  Brooke doesn’t update too often but she’s worth reading up on the adventures there.

I know there are lots more out there so if you have a blog or read one post it in the comments and I’ll update my post to include them.

(Updated 2/9/2013)

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