Day 19 – May 24, 2011 – Rome

We somehow managed to wait a few days before hitting the Colosseum.

It was a hot day for us to walk around the Forum too.

And we hit the Pantheon too.

We used the subway quite a bit but also did a heck of a lot of walking.

We couldn’t miss the Capuchin Crypt‘s morbid display of bones. You’re not supposed to take photos. I understand not allowing flash photography because the light can damage artifacts but I think seeing pictures like this are more prone to excite people about going to the location.

Then we went to the Trevi Fountain…

It was hot out so we found something to cool down with.

We read about Torre Argentina in the guide book but it didn’t make our list of must-see attractions. But when we stumbled on it we were glad. The site is where temple ruins from 300-400 BC have been set aside as a sanctuary for feral cats. There are a few hundred that roam the site and there is a small shelter run by volunteers.

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