Day 11 – May 16, 2011 – Trondheim to Oslo

Trina lined up a van to transport us to the train station first thing in the morning. We slogged our bags down the ample stairs and headed to the station. After picking up our tickets we loaded our bags onto the train and took our seats. Jordan sat and worked on his math workbook muck of the ride.

Travel by train really is a nice way to go. The seat space is better than a plane, you can walk around and even hop off briefly at stops, and best of all, you can see the countryside. We were getting to see the countryside from Trondheim to Oslo. It was a 7 hour trip for the 310 miles.

Much of the view was of farmland. There were waterfalls, small towns, quaint train stops, and I even saw a moose.

When we arrived in Oslo we dragged our bags something like 3 KM to our apartment. We met a guy who let us into our place which was thankfully on the first floor!

We got our act together and then found a place for dinner and called it a day pretty early.

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