Day six – May 11, 2011 – Reykjavik, Iceland

On our last full day in Iceland the three of us spent the day seeing some of the sights around Reykjavik that we had planned to catch. Our first stop was Hallgrimskirkja. We briefly checked out the interior before paying to ride the elevator up to the observation deck. From here we had great views of the city. Out in front of the church is a statue of Leif Erickson that was a gift to the city from the United States on the 1,000th anniversary of the nation’s founding.


Hallgrimskirkja interior

View from Hallgrimskirkja

Hallgrimskirkja and Leif Erickson

Then we drove to the Saga Museum which is tucked away in the creative building tucked between the town’s water towers. We took the half-hour audio tour which covered many of the nation’s most pivotal moments. Perhaps the coolest part of the tour was the collection of weapons, helmets, and armor at the end that we could pose in and take pictures of.

Saga Museum


Jordan armored

Jordan and I

From there we headed to the volcano museum. Or, rather, the film that a dedicated photographer and videographer has put together. Unfortunately, once we found it we learned that instead of the show every few hours there was only one at 8PM. So since we had already paid for a few hours of parking, we left the car and walked around to find a place to sit in the sun and get some lunch. In the end, we sat down just a hundred feet from the entrance to our apartment.

We started off with a hot dog that we shared. The place near our apartment had a line usually so we figured it must be a decent hot dog stand. We got the pepperoni pizza dog. Which, besides having pepperoni and pizza sauce on top, also had a bed of chili on the bottom. We ate more at an Italian restaurant which had a patio full of people. They had some wonderful pasta that they make on site.

Hot dog

We walked back to the car and then the three of us went back to the Blue Lagoon for another warm soak. Pepper got the massage that we had planned for her to have on Mother’s Day.

That night Pepper, Jordan, and I went to dinner at a place we had seen the day before. We went there for the whale and puffin menu they had advertised on the street. We ordered an appetizer of smoked puffin with a raspberry sauce that was absolutely delicious. It was almost like smoked salmon in flavor. Then our main courses came out and we had a whale steak. The meat was from a minke whale. It was a darker red flesh than steak from beef is. It had a strong flavor and a very slight fishy finish to it. And now I feel like I’m writing about whale meat like it is a red wine.

Whale steak

Before you judge too much… A friend of mine was in Barrow, Alaska a few weeks ago and had whale meat. And I had whale blubber 15 years ago at a native potlatch in Sitka too.

Highlights: eating whale and puffin

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