Day four – May 8, 2011 – Southwest Iceland

We had a strange night of sleeping. Because of our lack of sleep we crashed early. We woke a few hours later and were up for a while before going back to sleep and then sleeping in. By about 11 we met up with Kevin and Trina and we started walking to the place where we rented a car from – Cheep Jeep. We got a manual Suzuki Vitara and then set out for an “abandoned village” mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide we had.

Not far from Reykjavik we smelled strong fish smells. Off to the side of the road we saw large racks of drying fish out in the sun and wind. So of course, we had to go check that out. It was a bit stinky at times but really neat to see and hear the fish out to dry.

drying fish

We drove on to a geothermally active park area. We saw mud pots, steam vents, and fumaroles.

We were seeking that abandoned village… and the church marked on the map we got from the rental car agency. We finally found the spot where the old church had been. But it was burned to the ground.

We did some exploring and part-way down a dirt road Trina noticed our gas level. Plans changed. We worked our way to a town, and quickly realized that Europeans really do pay a lot more than we do for gasoline. It cost the equivalent of $128 to fill up the tank of our Suzuki Vitara. I have the same vehicle at home and when gas was above $5 spent about $75. I would guess that they pay about twice as much as we do. We got pizza at Mama Mia’s – the only place to get a meal in town other than at the other gas station.

We spent the rest of the day driving around the southeastern coastal area of Iceland.

Travel: Quite a few hours in our rental car.
Highlights: Geothermal active areas, and random sights on the roadside.

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