Our Palenque hut

Our Palenque hut

When we arrived in the city of Palenque we had two objectives. Get to our planned lodging. But first, we wanted to head to a travel agency listed in our Lonely Planet guidebook (the second one – I forgot to pack the one we used for planning!) to arrange for transportation for the day after we walked around Palenque. Just a minute walk from the bus stop and we were sitting down and chatting with someone…

We arranged for an early morning pickup and then a few hour drive to the Mayan sit called Bonampak and then to a spot where we’d be shuttled by boat to the site called Yaxchilan. That night we would stay in a village. Then the next day we’d get taken back to the river and brought to the border with Guatemala and then on a five hour ride to Flores.

The travel agent suggested we stay at this place – quite close to the ruins of Palenque. So after we paid for our trip into Guatemala we took a collectivo to the “Maya Bell.”

We had no reservation but we managed a room with a fan and a private bath. Pepper did some laundry in the sink while here and we ate at the restaurant that was part of the “hotel.”

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