Ecuador – day eight

Highlights: Completing paperwork to leave the country, standing on “the Equator”

Travel: Just some driving in cars and taxis around the Quito area.

Number of photos taken:?

Favorite photo of the day:
Soldier stencil

I woke a little before seven.  I showered and grabbed all of my documentation – police report, new passport, copy of old passport, addresses, and five dollars plus money for taxis.

At 8:07 i was the 5th in line for the particular immigration service that i needed.  Within 20 minutes i was done.  The problem yesterday was that on entry to the country i was entered as “MCFARLAND, RYAND SHAWN.”  My birthdate was listed as 03/02/1974.

I left immigration and had two glazed donuts, orange juice and water.  I have time to hit the equator now!

I snagged a taxi at a stoplight and for $2 he gave me a ride back to the hotel.  I asked about the cost of taking me to the monument on the equator.  He radioed in and for just $25 he would take me there, wait up to an hour, and take me back.  Deal.  I grabbed my camera and dropped off my documents.

It was perhaps a 20 minute drive to the area of the monument.  A $2 admission to the “city” which consisted of shops and restaurants packed between the entrance and the monument.

Two hemispheres


I went straight to the monument and took some photos.  Then i paid $3 to go up to the observation platform.  I wanted to take the stairs up but you have to ride the elevator up and then walk down the stairs through the museum.



After GPS technology proved that this monument was about 800 feet off of the actual center of the earth another monument was erected but it is quite a bit further.  I went back to the taxi and Charlie took me back to the hotel.

It seems that everywhere i go there is construction taking place.  At Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, and Middle of the Earth… All were having some work done to restore the buildings that made my photos less than ideal.

I went for a walk and found the area with all the bars and clubs.  I drank a few mojitos on an open patio.  I watched the school kids push each other into fountain water, walk by with flowers, and i even helped a few English students with a scavenger hunt.

Pilsener beer crates

I had told Victoria that i would be at the hotel in the afternoon and evening so i headed back there.  I got on a computer and got a few days from the journal typed up.  I watched some TV and at about 6 Victoria called.  She ended up picking me up at about 9:30.  Her boyfriend and cousin were along too.  We went up to the Virgen deEl Panecillo for night views of the city but we were in the fog or clouds.  We had dinner at quite a swanky place.  The total bill was around $45 but i got the largest meal.

Swanky meal and new friends

Then we went for a night drive around old town to see the sights lit up.  By about 12:30 they dropped me off and i went to bed.



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