Ecuador – day five

Highlights: Arrival in Quito

Pictures taken: ?

Travel: Bus from Montañita to Guayaquil and flight to Quito, Ecuador

Favorite photo of the day: TBA

I woke at about 9:30.  I threw on some clothes and went down to the hotel lobby and bought two bottles of water for fifty cents each.  I knocked on Levy’s door but he didn’t answer.  Guess he isn’t getting one of them!

I took a shower, packed my bag and watched some TV.  By about 10:30 i knocked on Levy’s door again.  He was up so we went and bought our bus tickets.  $5.50 from Montañita to Guayaquil.  We then went to breakfast (at a different place than the last few days).  I had French toast, fruit, banana juice, and tea.


I dodged up to Hola Ola’s internet terminals to try and check on flights and print my passport.  They didn’t even have a printer networked that i could see.  The computer said the time was 12:22 and we had to check out by 12:30.  I hoofed it back to the hotel and used the toilet one last time.  All the fruit and the saltwater enemas just… well… i’ve probably said enough.

I grabbed my bag and checked out.  I had room #60 which had an ocean view, direct TV, and air conditioning so it was $40 per night.  The last night I slept with the AC on and a window cracked so i could hear the waves.

Levy checked out and paid cash.  My credit card was turned down so had to use my debt card.  Phew!

We walked outside and enjoyed the view for 10 minutes before grabbing our packs and heading to the bus station.

Outside of Tabuba

We bought a last cup of blended fruit juice (we had quite a few of them – at least one a day) made from fruit, ice and water.  I got a strawberry one.

Then we got on the bus.  I brought my single pack onto the bus with me and put it above my head.  But i kept an eye on it until we started driving at about 1:30.

The first half hour of the ride the TV on the bus played music videos that featured nearly nude women dancing to the songs.  Then they put on a movie about a gangster turned rapper that was full of violence, drugs, and some nudity.  I felt a little awkward seeing small children watch it.

The scenery (it was dark on my drive in) was mostly lush but low growth.  Occasional towns and industry like shrimp farms also were along the drive.

We got to the bus terminal and Levy went to buy a ticket for his bus ride into Peru.  He had another 6 hours on a bus ahead of him.  I went to the internet station that i had used a few days earlier.  I tried to print my passport copy but only part of the image loaded.  I refreshed.  Still only partial.  Damn.

Levy came by and said bye.  His bus was in 20 minutes.

I looked at the flight schedule.  There were two more flights on AeroGal to Quito.  I think they were $89 on whatever site i checked.

I grabbed a taxi to the airport and bought a ticket using my Alaska driver license as my ID.  They made the ticket to Ryan Shawn.  Including taxes the ticket was just $68.40.


An aside.  I bought a ticket two hours before the scheduled departure for under $70.  The flight was a little over a half hour.  Know what i would pay for a ticket to Juneau or Wrangell in similar circumstances?  I bet close to $300.

So i bought the ticket.  Then i bought a Chinese dinner – the “Kung Fu Combo” for $6.25.  It ended up being more food than i needed but it was pretty decent food.  Then i checked in for my flight and was given my boarding pass.

I started to remove my toiletry kit at the security checkpoint but was told that it wasn’t necessary.  The Guayaquil airport then routes you through a narrow duty free shop before you get to the gates.  It was kind of like an amusement park ride forcing you by the photos or souvenirs after taking the ride.

Inside security i put on shoes and socks and zipped the legs on my pants in the bathroom.

The flight ended up delayed by about an hour.  I napped a little.  I bought some water.  Once we boarded the flight seemed full.

When we landed in Quito i went to the international terminal thinking that would be a good place to pick up a cell phone and get online.  I hopped online and printed my passport copy!  I also printed a copy of my Social Security card and all the forms that the embassy website said i would need.

I also got the address for a place to stay that was suggested by Victoria (the sister of a girl that lives in Petersburg) who lives in the Quito area.

I took a cab to Posada Del Maple.  Maple is not pronounced the same in English as it is in Spanish.  It isn’t like Maple Syrup.  More like “mah-play.”  It was about 10 PM.  I buzzed in and asked about rooms.  They only had dorm space available.  The price was right though – $7 plus 84 cents in tax.  She gave me my keys (after i gave her a $1 deposit) and sent me upstairs to bed.

The room was unlocked and i could see three people sleeping in the room already.  I slipped off my shoes, flung my bag on the other side of the bunk and crawled under the covers.  A little while later i took off my socks.

I thought about the theft a lot.  It took me about an hour to fall asleep.  I have lost money and time because of my stupidity.  That weighed heavily on me.

At least one other person came into the room during the night.  I slept well…

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