Ecuador – day four

Highlights: Dancing barefoot by fire, in sand, and in the rain

Pictures taken: ?

Travel: None

Favorite photo of the day:
Kids play in Montanita

To bed early means i’m up early too.  But it is overcast.  So i go back to bed.  At 9:00 i look and it is still overcast.  I turn on the TV.  Since i don’t have TV at home it is kind of a treat to watch it sometimes.

After a while i get up, shower, and dress.  I grab Levy and we meet with Angela and Angelica for breakfast.  We went to the same place as yesterday -Funky Monkey.  The service was much faster even though the same woman was serving.  I had the same meal for $3.

Cat attack

Anyela and i

After breakfast i walked to the point and watched the surfers for a while.  A pro-surf competition was starting.

Photographer and surfers

Me and the coast

I walked back to where Levy was body boarding and after a little while we walked the girls to their hotel and then to the bus stop for them to head back to Guayaquil.

Levy and his body board

Anyela braided my beard

Kids on a bike

Zoom Bikes needs these

Levy heads back to the beach and i went to the hotel to drop my camera, change shorts, leave my shirt, glasses, and sandals at the room.  Oh and use the toilet of course.

I went back to the beach and found where Levy was playing in the waves.  I swam out and suddenly noticed that i got out pretty far quite quickly.  The current was strong but i fought it and made it back to shore.  We sat in the wet sand and talked and let the occasional wave wash sand into our shorts.  We moved on to a spot with more people to watch (ok – women) and i bought a couple of big cold beers for $1.50 each.

We decided we were getting hungry after a while.  So we went to the hotel and changed and then waked back into town. (The place is tiny.  A five minute walk gets you anywhere) The pizza place Levy wanted to hit wasn’t open yet so we ate a smaller meal, missed the sunset while eating, and then went back to the hotel and rested for a few hours.

Levy knocked and we dressed for the evening; shorts, shirt, sandals.  We made it to the pizza place just as they were finishing stacking chairs.  But they agreed to making one more for us.  In a real wood-fired pizza oven.  We got one with bacon and herbs on it.  The crust was thinner than i like my pizza but it tasted great.  I paid for the first afternoon meal so Levy picked up this tab.

We went to Hola Ola and ordered a few beers and watched people walk by.  The disco in the back was hopping so we headed back there.  They have a fantastic sound system, stage, lights, sand to dance on, cheap drinks, and even a swimming pool.  Although you’d never catch me in there.  There was a live band playing we sat and drank $2  mojitos and watce dthe people coming and going.  Our seats were by the pool and overlooked the dance floor.  We gawked.  Some of the girls there must have been there for the “Miss Reef” competition in a few days.

We moved on to another club that wasn’t as packed.  They had a fire built and so we danced by the fire.  Barefoot. In the sand. A couple of older women from Spain chatted us up a bit.  Between them and the crowd winding down there we decided to go back to Hola Ola.

A DJ was playing now so we hid our sandals by the stage and grabbed drinks.  We started dancing and it started to rain.  Eventually it was a full downpour and i had my shirt in my hand.  For a good hour i danced in the rain and sand. I grew tired though and headed back to the room.

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  1. In the pic’ of you looking at the trike I can just about see the torrent of ideas swirling above your head! Thanks for all the great photos.

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