Wamu’s merger with Chase will cease free credit scores for card holders

I’m genuinely bummed. Just got an email from Wamu…

Your credit card online account access is moving


Now that WaMu is becoming Chase, online access to your credit card account will be moving to Chase OnlineSM effective March 9, 2009. You’ll have access to many of the services currently available at wamucards.com (or wamu.com if you usually access your credit card account through that site) including credit card account management, online payments and email alerts.

After the move, you’ll have the convenience of exciting new features including:

Online Statements and Paperless Statements
Mobile Banking
Online enrollment in AutoPay
Management of employee spending limits plus online access for employees
(for Business card customers)

However, please note that your free FICO® credit score will no longer be displayed, and only 3 months of transaction history will be available online. If you wish to access your historical transaction information currently available online, you will need to save, download, or print it by March 1, 2009.

As we move your account to Chase.com, online access will be unavailable from
March 4-8, 2009. If you’d planned to make payments online at our site during that time, please make arrangements to log in prior to that period to ensure that your payment reaches us by the due date on your statement.

Important dates to remember:

Print or download WaMu transactions: By March 1, 2009
Online access unavailable: March 4-8, 2009
Log on to Chase.com: March 9, 2009

For additional information about the transition to Chase Online, please visit www.chase.com/wamucards anytime. If you’re concerned about online security, you may type the URL directly into your browser.


WaMu Customer Service

That might be another credit card that i get rid of. When Bank of America gobbled up MBNA a few years ago i dumped a few accounts. I just closed my business Alaska Airlines Bank of America card too.

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6 thoughts on “Wamu’s merger with Chase will cease free credit scores for card holders”

  1. I will be dumping this card. The free credit report is the only reason I have kept it this long. With my credit score and history they need me more than I need them. If this service isn’t available at no charge there is no reason for me to keep this card.

  2. Just stumbled in out of the cold cyberspace to second that emotion.

    I have spent the past 3-4 years closing credit card accounts and tightening up my ID theft checkpoints.

    Gawd what a pain! Two thumbs up for you on dumping them before they can dump you.

    Speaking of which, CHASE dumped me on two cards this month, as a courtesy, because I had not used my cards in 24 months. They saved me two stamps!

    Bon Voyage!

  3. The free credit score was the only reason I had this credit card with WaMu. This is ridiculous. You would think Chase would realize that this was a popular service, and have the courtesy to continue it.

  4. I dumped their card because of this as well… with the cash back Discover gives me, I’ll just pay them for my credit score monthly and take my business elsewhere.

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