Beefing up the insulation

The highest recommendation made during my energy audit was to add insulation in the attic.  Since the second floor has a vaulted ceiling i could only add insulation in the area over the living room, dining room, and kitchen – the front of the house.  When i moved in it had a layer of R11 insulation and looked like this.

R11 insulation
R11 insulation

The ceiling joists are 24 inches apart and are 2x6s.  I found a few bales of R11 insulation and a few years ago rolled them out perpendicular to the joists.

First, i rolled up the second layer of R11 insulation.  I figured that the gaps caused by the 2×6 being taller than the first course of R11 would end up being a channel for the warmed air to escape.  Then i took the R38 insulation and just laid it out on top of the insulation you see in the above photo.

R38 added.
R38 added.

You can see that there is a vast increase in the amount of insulation.  I took care to make sure that seams were pretty tight.  I rolled out one of the bales of R11 on top of the R38 – perpendicular to the joists again.  But the stuff i have is faced and I worry about moisture retention within the insulation.

There are no eave vents or gable vents.  I’m thinking of adding a gable mounted solar powered attic fan.  In the spring I’ll work on adding vents to the eaves.

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  1. Yeah. The worst part was that i didn’t get it done in one session. In fact, i still need 18 square feet to complete it so i’ll be itchy 3 times as a result. I insulated the attic of my first house too. I swear I’m never doing it again.

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